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Brow Lift Surgery at Columbus Cosmetic

Wisdom may come with aging, but aging also often brings unwelcome facial changes, like loose skin, lost tissue volume, and a sagging brow, that leave some adults looking older, tired, and unapproachable. If you’re ready to turn back the hands of time, there’s a solution.

Forehead and Eyelid Rejuvenation

Dr. Houser and Dr. Kraft of Columbus Cosmetic offer a procedure to lift and correct an aging forehead. Brow lift surgery addresses the effects of aging and overactive frown muscles in the upper half of the face, giving patients a more vibrant appearance and more youthful facial skin.

Forehead and eyelid rejuvenation

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, reshapes the outer brow, lifts the forehead, and even reduces the overall height of the forehead, giving the forehead and surrounding facial skin a more refreshed look.

Many patients enter our office believing that their upper eyelid requires surgery, when in reality, a forehead lift would provide the best solution. Adults with lid hooding may benefit from a brow lift instead of or in addition to lid surgery, as brow surgery can provide a comprehensive or complementary lift to the eyebrow, eyelid, and forehead.

What is a brow lift?

Brow lift surgery elevates the outer eyebrow to restore a youthful slope and lift skin off the outer upper lid. Brow lift procedures use a variety of incisions depending on patient needs, including endoscopic (incisions at the hairline), direct (incisions over the eyebrow), hairline (incisions across the hairline), temporal (incisions in the temples), and coronal (incisions across the top of the forehead).

No hair removal is necessary to prepare for the procedure—our team makes sure to mask incisions in the hair or the forehead skin to create a seamless look. During your consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss the most effective type of facial incision for your needs to ensure that you receive the best possible results.

What is a brow lift?

The Benefits of Brow Lifts

Brow lifts come with many benefits, including opening your eye area, placing your brows in a more youthful position, and making your face look more content, energized, and approachable. By simply lifting the brow, the surgery can provide complete facial rejuvenation so you can feel confident in your appearance, no matter your age.

Why Choose Brow Lift Over Other Options

Why choose a brow lift over other options?

Brow lift surgery provides more long-lasting results than other options such as Botox, ensuring that patients enjoy a lifted forehead and raised brows for years to come. Although brow lifts do not directly reduce face or forehead wrinkles, they lift the eyebrows so that patients don’t need to use their forehead muscles to hold them up, which often minimizes the appearance of facial wrinkles. When you opt for this surgery, you commit to one treatment instead of repeat visits, making it a more convenient solution to an aging brow for many patients.

A more youthful look

Rather than making your forehead stiff, brow lift surgery gives patients natural-looking results that still allow them to make facial expressions. The lift provided by this plastic surgery makes many people look years younger, as lifted brows improve the appearance of the forehead and upper facial skin.

Enhancing Your Results

For a more complete rejuvenation of the face, patients will often combine a facelift or neck lift with the brow lift, allowing them to save time in recovery with inclusive lift surgery. Candidates for facelift surgery are also likely candidates for neck surgery, so many patients choose to receive both procedures in addition to a brow lift for a complete facial transformation.

If you’re seeking a completely noninvasive procedure, you may opt for a chemical peel to minimize wrinkles and improve skin texture. Microblading is another nonsurgical service that improves the appearance of the brows by using fine strokes that look like hair to fill out the eyebrows. The result is often a more youthful look, without the downtime of plastic surgery. These procedures can be performed separately from or combined with a brow lift or a facelift and neck lift.

Brow Lift vs. Lid Surgery

Brow lift surgery and eyelid surgery both provide lift to the areas around the forehead, eyelid, and eyebrows. However, lid surgery specifically helps to lift excess skin around the eyes that can cause sagging and bagging. While the surgery may pose a slight risk to the eyelash line, it is generally safe to perform on both the upper and lower lids.

Your consultation is a great time to ask questions about which procedure or combination of procedures will best suit your unique facial needs. As the first step in your treatment process, the consultation enables you to learn more about your options and select the safest, most effective procedures.

Enhancing Your Results
Recovery Time

Recovery Time

The brow lift surgery is performed on site in the accredited surgical suite of Columbus Cosmetic, in the same convenient location of all your prior appointments. Most procedures are performed under twilight sedation, which allows for faster, less painful recovery and less postoperative nausea and vomiting. Every individual’s recovery time is unique, but in most cases, about 2 weeks of recovery are required for a brow lift. The full effects of the plastic surgery will be visible about 1-2 months later.

High-Quality Care in Central Ohio

At Columbus Cosmetic, we are dedicated to providing every patient with personalized care, regardless of the procedures they seek. During your consultation, we’ll ensure that you have all of the information you need to make the best choice for your desires and goals.

Whether you’re looking for brow lift surgery, a facelift, a neck lift, or even a body lift procedure, our surgeons will work with you so you can achieve results that you love. We offer a variety of body procedures to give you even greater confidence, including lower body lifts, breast augmentation, liposuction, and more. At our practice, we focus on the face and body as a whole, providing augmentation, reduction, and adjustment depending on patient needs.

Scheduling your appointment

Call Columbus Cosmetic today at (614) 890-5565 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Houser or Dr. Kraft at our Ohio office. Together, you’ll determine whether a brow lift, or another procedure, will best help you meet your goals for a youthful, rested, and relaxed appearance.

High-Quality Care in Central Ohio
Five-Star Review

My experience at Columbus Cosmetic has been top notch. I was and continue to be blown away by the professionalism and service provided by Dr. Kraft, his nurse Ashley, and every staff member encountered. From my consultation, to post-op, they continuously gave me peace of mind by providing knowledge and comfort. Not to mention, my results are better than I imagined possible.

Kristen D.

Five-Star Review

Dr. Houser and his father before him, have provided numerous procedures for me. He is always caring and professional. I’ve only had the very best experiences with excellent out comes with each procedure. To me he’s one of the BEST there is.

Sue C.

Five-Star Review

Dr. Houser was so professional throughout the entire process. He’s very down to earth and makes you feel comfortable. His entire staff including his nurse, Kristin was excellent. She was supportive through the entire process and checked on me while recovering. I’m so happy with my procedure and will return if I ever want to get anything else done in the future!

Amanda B.

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