Breast Implants Columbus Ohio

Breast Implants Columbus Ohio

Breast augmentation, or enlargement with implants, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in the United States. Sometimes, even with the proper surgical technique and despite their 1% failure rate, an implant can rupture or need to be replaced for other reasons. Patients who have invested their time, money and energy into a procedure often arrive with a fair amount of frustration and anguish due to an unexpected and disappointing outcome. Because of Dr. Houser and Dr. Kraft’s years of experience providing complicated breast reconstructions and augmentations, breast implant patients can rely on them for a sensitive, honest, and intelligent approach to their corrective surgery.
Am I a good candidate for implant revision/removal?

Am I a good candidate for implant revision/removal?

Implant revisions and removals are made for a variety of reasons. Below is a list of common conditions that bring women in for a corrective procedure:

  • Treatment of capsular contracture—a rare but damaging effect made by internal scar tissue that is pulling at the implant, creating an externally visible, hard or misshapen area
  • Replacement of a ruptured silicone gel implant
  • Replacement of a deflated saline-filled implant
  • Correction of asymmetry
  • Desire to increase or decrease implant size
  • Replacement of saline implants with silicone implants
  • Correction of breast ptosis (sagging)
  • Correction of an implant that has “bottomed out”
  • Reshaping of the breasts (more fullness, less fullness)
  • A desire to no longer have implants
If any of these or another condition has left you wondering about a revision or removal of your implants, call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Houser or Dr. Kraft. They will take a careful medical history, listen to your experience and your desired changes, and speak honestly about your most realistic and safest options. As with most surgeries provided by Dr. Houser and Dr. Kraft, patients should be at a non-fluctuating weight, generally healthy, and able to talk about any future pregnancy plans as all these things can impact the results of your procedure.

Because their office is an accredited surgical suite, Dr. Houser and Dr. Kraft perform most surgeries on-site in the same beautiful location where your previous appointments have taken place. Twilight sedation is the most common anesthesia because it offers a faster and gentler recovery with less postoperative nausea and vomiting. Your recovery time will vary depending on the type and number of corrective procedures you obtain.

Don’t pass on the chance for a consultation. For most women, renewed satisfaction with their breasts is possible. Call Columbus Cosmetic today. Your confidence and quality of life is worth it!

Dr. Houser and Dr. Kraft perform most surgeries on-site.
Five-Star Review

Dr. Kraft is an amazing and professional surgeon. His work and personality are way above all other surgeons in his profession. He is the most kind, caring and an absolute perfectionist. My husband and I were so happy with him and the results of my surgery!

Anne P.

Five-Star Review

This practice hands down is the best around! From the receptionists, the schedulers, the nurses, the anesthesiologists, and both surgeons, AMAZING! I came to this practice after another surgeon caused some issues for me and I needed surgery quickly to fix it. I cannot thank them enough or say enough kind things about Columbus Cosmetic.

Sarah M.

Five-Star Review

Dr Kraft did an amazing job helping me identify the right solutions for my concerns and I’m super happy with my results. I have gotten tons of compliments and feel really confident in my appearance. Thank you so much and I’ll definitely come back for any plastic surgery needs I have in the future!

Victoria T.

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