Post-Weight Loss Body Lift Columbus Ohio

Post-Weight Loss Body Lift Surgery Columbus Ohio

Losing a large amount of weight can be the most hard-fought and heroic battle of your life—and yet, even after achieving your goal, you may still find yourself without the body you desire. Unsightly excess skin can form around your abdomen, chest, legs, and other areas. But you needn’t live with these remnants of your former body—they can be removed with a variety of safe procedures.

If skin is forming around the abdomen, a belt lipectomy may be of tremendous benefit.
If skin is forming around the abdomen, a belt lipectomy may be of tremendous benefit. A belt lipectomy is essentially a tummy tuck, a lift on the outer thigh, and a lift of the buttock, all in one procedure. But unlike a tummy tuck, a belt lipectomy is advantageous because it treats a wider area of fat, extending around the waist and lower body. A lower body lift is similar to a belt lipectomy, but with a back incision that goes down the buttock along the panty line. This produces a more direct lift to the lateral thigh, producing a more extensive makeover. An arm lift, or “brachioplasty,” can be used to reshape the upper arm by removing excess fat and skin from the underarm area to the elbow. Some patients may only need a more isolated thigh or buttock lift. And men in particular may benefit from chest contouring, a procedure similar to gynecomastia excisions (male breast reduction).

The results of these surgeries are permanent in some patients. The patients who see the best long-term results are those who maintain a stable weight, refrain from smoking, and are in good overall health. In some cases, patients can have the procedures performed during visits for other procedures.

In most cases, your procedures will be performed on site in Dr. Houser and Dr. Kraft’s accredited surgical suite, in the same convenient location of all your prior appointments. Most procedures are performed under twilight sedation or epidural anesthesia, which allows for faster, less painful recovery and less postoperative nausea and vomiting. Some people worry that body contouring will require long recovery times, but because of Dr. Houser and Dr. Kraft’s advanced techniques, most of their patients are able to recover from these procedures in only two to three weeks.

If you’ve lost the weight and now you’re ready to lose the extra skin and tissue too, call Columbus Cosmetic today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Houser or Dr. Kraft. Join the many people who have found amazing relief through a body lift.

Your procedures will be performed on site in Dr. Houser and Dr. Kraft’s accredited surgical suite.
Five-Star Review
I needed extra skin removed after weight loss. I had consultations with two other doctors and I felt worse about myself coming out than I did going in. Within the first 5 mins Dr. Houser made me feel like we had known each other for years. I’m having my surgery later this year and I have zero doubt that I have made the right choice!

Rashell S.

Five-Star Review

Dr. Kraft is great! He’s been so personable and friendly. Thank you for all of your hard work. I love my results and would recommend him to any of my friends and family!

Sydney F.

Five-Star Review
It’s been over 10 years since I went to Dr. Houser for skin removal after losing weight. I have never regretted it. He gave me the confidence and opportunity to run 35 plus marathons! His staff was the best and he did an amazing job. With all my heart, thank you!!!

Lori B.

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