Social Media, Selfies, and Plastic Surgery

Jan 31, 2022

Every day, millions of Americans pose for selfies and post them on social media. However, many experts are concerned about the growing connections between social media, selfie culture, and plastic surgery. In the past, many patients visited plastic surgeons with reference photos of their favorite celebrities. But, more and more often, patients are bringing in their own edited selfies for reference.

This month, we’re delving into the topic to see how social media and selfies are changing the face of plastic surgery.

The Snapchat Effect

The Snapchat effect

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt amazing… only to see a picture of yourself that made you look less-than-spectacular? This could be because of the mirror effect. When you look into the mirror, it is a flipped version of how other people see you. And, unlike traditional cameras, selfies on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook all use mirror images. If you have a crooked nose or one smaller eye, you may prefer selfies over regular pictures because any asymmetries appear normal when you’re used to seeing yourself that way.

Beyond this mirror effect, social media selfies just tend to look better. Between great lighting, good angles, photo editing, and plastic surgery filters, people often seem like an airbrushed and chiseled version of themselves on Snapchat.

While photo editing apps have certainly become more popular, even if you and your friends don’t regularly Photoshop your pictures, your face may be highly edited in selfies. Some filters, like the popular puppy or flower crown ones on Snapchat, alter the shape of your face. They can make eyes look bigger, thin down your face, and most controversially, lighten skin tones. Filters that change your appearance have been nicknamed “plastic surgery filters” and are concerning to many experts. Last year, Instagram started banning those filters due to fears of negative mental health consequences.

Getting cosmetic treatment for the right reasons

If someone is interested in getting plastic surgery, they must know why they want a cosmetic treatment. Plastic surgery should always be about doing something to feel your best—not chasing an edited version of yourself that doesn’t exist. It is important not to lose touch with what you actually look like. This is especially true for teens—a vulnerable demographic that is most exposed to these highly edited images.

For adults, however, social media has had some positive impact on plastic surgery trends. Many patients are flocking to minimally-invasive treatments, which complement their unique beauty. Rather than wanting to look like someone else, photo editing has allowed some people to find their most confident self with the help of minor treatments.

Thanks to the rise of social media and selfies, fillers have become one of the most popular ways to enhance features and subtly rejuvenate. People also love treating themselves to options like chemical peels, IPL photofacials, preventative Botox, microblading, and more. These treatments offer patients rejuvenation and confidence—often focused on improving skin health and providing long-term beauty goals.

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