5 Facts the Media Doesn’t Tell You About Plastic Surgery

Jun 10, 2021

People from all walks of life opt to have plastic surgery. It is an especially prevalent topic in the media, as celebrities’ photos are analyzed by the masses. Though the field of plastic surgery so frequently crosses our screens, there are many facts that go unsaid. Read on to find out five things that the media doesn’t tell you about plastic surgery.

1. Plastic surgery is not just for looks.

A common misconception about plastic surgery is that it only has aesthetic purposes. This is not true! Rhinoplasties are a perfect example of where function and aesthetics meet. While sometimes they are performed to change someone’s appearance, rhinoplasties can also drastically improve a patient’s ability to breathe through their nose. Additionally, surgeries like breast reductions or tummy tucks can also have functional purposes.

Plastic surgery is a great option for men as well as women.

2. Plastic surgery is a great option for men as well as women.

While the media often focuses on women’s plastic surgery, more men than ever are electing to undergo procedures. Hair transplants are a common option for men suffering from hair loss. Dr. Houser offers the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System, a state-of-the-art treatment that provides effective, natural-looking results with less scarring, fewer complications, and shorter downtime than other methods!

3. It isn’t always obvious.

People who are unfamiliar with plastic surgery may associate it with an overfilled, overdone, or botched look. However, these are only unfortunate cases. The best plastic surgery results offer a natural but refreshed or refined look. Dr. Houser’s years of experience and board-certified expertise help him ensure that each patient’s results will fit their natural appearance and complement their already beautiful features!


4. It won’t leave you looking like every celeb who’s had work done.

As beauty trends come and go, you may notice that some celebrities start to look oddly similar—from their faces to their bodies. (Think: overfilled lips, a cat-eye look, and large hips.) With Dr. Houser’s extensive skills, he tailors each procedure to fit the individual patient and their goals. Trends will come and go, but an expert like Dr. Houser will ensure that you love your new look, now and always!

5. There is more to the process than meets the eye.

You may have noticed that your favorite celebrity’s nose looks different from one movie to the next. Yet, it is unlikely that you saw photos while they recovered from a rhinoplasty. Stars have the advantage of private downtime post procedure. It’s essential to understand the recovery and downtime commitments for any treatment. Thankfully, with today’s advancements, there are more options than ever if you are not ready to commit to a more intensive surgery! There are many noninvasive options that deliver beautiful results with minimal or no downtime.

Plastic surgery is always a popular topic in the media, but make sure you know the full story! If you have any questions or are ready to book an appointment, call our team at 614-890-5565.