Setting Up Your Surgical Experience for Success

May 4, 2023

You’ve committed to a new look, prepared to feel more confident, and undergone the procedure of your choice. Though you’re excited, waiting to see your final result and managing the initial recovery period can be a challenge. In fact, minor postoperative blues is common across all types of surgeries—from heart operations to cosmetic procedures!

It can be a natural reaction to the stress that comes with undergoing a surgical procedure and the physical exertion it can take. Visiting expert surgeons and following all instructions can help maximize your comfort and excitement during recovery. Here are ways to ensure you love your treatment journey—from start to finish!

First things first: Set healthy expectations

Firsts Things First: Set Healthy Expectations

Discuss your goals and expectations in detail during a consultation with either Dr. Houser or Dr. Kraft. They can help you determine which procedure, implant size, or technique suits your goals. Some patients initially request impossibly thin noses or unrealistic proportions. Our experts always aim to deliver safe results that age well, suit your features, and remain timeless. The best results complement your unique facial features, ethnicity, and beauty. They won’t imitate a Snapchat filter or completely turn you into another person. Sitting down for a thorough consultation will do wonders for your mental health and ensure everyone is on the same page about the best result for you for the long term.

It’s also crucial to be realistic about the timeline of your treatment. Not every plastic surgery transformation is apparent right away. For instance, while you may see a dramatic change after your rhinoplasty, the final results for this surgery can take up to a year due to swelling. During your consultation, Dr. Houser and Dr. Kraft will ensure you understand what your treatment entails—from the day of surgery to recovery, downtime, and final result timelines.

Trust (and Follow) the Process

The recovery process for any major surgery can be a challenge. In the days immediately following your procedure, you will experience swelling and bruising, preventing you from seeing your results. Taking it easy for a few days or weeks might cause restlessness and boredom. However, keep your focus on the finish line!

Follow our doctors’ instructions to ensure that you heal quickly and make the most of your downtime. Take all medications as prescribed, and do not self-medicate without inquiring whether the pill, supplement, or therapy is safe as you recover. Use drains appropriately if needed and attend all follow-up visits so we can monitor your recovery. As you heal, move (or don’t move) according to our timelines. Being active too soon can place excess stress on the body. However, when you move as instructed, you’ll improve circulation, reduce swelling, and even decrease the risks of complications.

Trust (and follow) the process

Start Your Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Journey Today

If you are ready to take the first step in securing a newfound confidence in yourself, schedule a consultation with Dr. Houser or Dr. Kraft to discuss your wants and goals in greater detail. Call (614) 890-5565 to schedule an appointment today at Columbus Cosmetic.