The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

May 30, 2023

At Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery of Columbus, we always strive to be the best practice possible. From updating our tools and technology, to continuing our education, we take our job very seriously! This is why Dr. Houser is proud to announce his membership in the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). What makes this organization so important? We’ve compiled everything you need to know about ISAPS!

What is ISAPS?

ISAPS, the international equivalent of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), brings together plastic surgeons from across the world for training, education, networking, and more. Not every plastic surgeon is eligible to join this elite organization. To be eligible for membership as a U.S. plastic surgeon, you must already be Board Certified, get sponsored by a current ISAPS surgeon, be a member of ASAPS, and have a record of practicing the most advanced and safe techniques available.

With rigorous qualifications and a short list of members, an ISAPS membership is a mark of medical excellence. In fact, there are fewer than 500 members of ISAPS in the U.S. and only 10, including Dr. Houser, in the state of Ohio.

ISAPS opportunities and events

ISAPS opportunities and events

Dr. Houser is proud to add this prestigious membership to his list of qualifications. And he is even more excited about the opportunity to continue his education with member-only access to training, lectures, conferences, and more.

Recently, Dr. Houser traveled to Norway to learn from many European leaders in plastic surgery. Meetings like these allow him to stay up to date with international plastic surgery trends, technologies, and products—before they reach the U.S. ISAPS meetings will also allow Dr. Houser to listen to very talented international surgeons who rarely lecture in the U.S. By bringing together the most qualified professionals from across the world, respected plastic surgeons like Dr. Houser have access to the most advanced and innovative products, technologies, and techniques in the industry.

This year, Dr. Houser is looking forward to attending the 50th Anniversary ISAPS meeting in Vienna! With many lectures, training courses, and discussions slated for the conference, we know he’ll have a wonderful experience learning alongside his peers.

Choose an ISAPS plastic surgeon for your next cosmetic procedure

Finding the perfect surgeon for your needs is an important (and often difficult!) process. While searching for a Board Certified plastic surgeon can narrow down qualified physicians in your area, membership in ISAPS is another great criterion to look for.

To learn more about ISAPS, visit their website. And if you’re ready to book your next appointment with Dr. Houser, call us today at 614-890-5565.